JOB TITLE: Brand Development and Strategy Manager

REPORTS TO: Directly reports to the Founder

Please note: This position is dependent upon funding. Applicants must be currently in receipt of EI Benefits or have had an EI claim within the past 5 years.

Reshaping Our World Inc. is a for profit, social enterprise on a mission to build into our communities the memory of why communities are important – communities are there so we can take care of each other. We provide leadership, process and resources to the citizens of communities that want to embrace our product – The Happy Community Project (HCP) and the principle of “We should…”. Through the HCP, you share our passion for making sure our communities are strong and resilient so the young people of today can find their happy place twenty years from now.
As our Brand Development and Strategy Manager (BDSM), you are able to better develop the existing “idea” of the HCP into a more refined and focused “brand” or branding process to be used consistently going forward to maximize the brand’s long-term potential. You will conduct market research and gather data about how HCP is perceived currently and suggesting tactics to deepen and widen the reach of the project. This includes polling demographics, discovering demand and potential leads for the HCP product and conducting focus groups for feedback. The BDSM will develop monthly objectives to meet the end goal of having a cohesive branding process and message that is viable across social and mainstream media, consistent in message and responsive to current and future consumers. The purpose and goal of the BDSM project is to develop the tools and processes of the HCP brand that will contribute to the inspiration of citizens to initiate, lead, plan and participate in projects that strengthen the social connections and belonging across the diversity of their community. Your primary tools for doing this are using graphics and words in social media, posters and email.
HOURS: Full time (35 hours per week) with the flexibility of how hours are worked if needed. This position will be primarily a home-based operation, so your own computer is essential.
SALARY: $15.00 per hour

The Brand Development and Strategy Manager is responsible for:

  • Constructing the framework for the branding of the Happy Communities Project, including but not limited to, graphic, colours and font guidelines, structured email and social media response guidelines, media release guidelines, brand positioning
  • Building a standard for social media inquiries guided by the company’s voice and guidelines. This organizational tool will assist in controlled correspondence to ensure for smooth running of the organization
  • Generating a news-sharing format that can be utilized daily to build meaningful connections and encourages community members to take action
  • Developing a timeline for scheduled content release to create a consistent stream of new content for audience interaction
  • Working collaboratively and independently, to develop checklists and policies for social media and email campaigns
  • Analyzing and reporting audience information, demographics and success of existing social media projects
  • Proposes new ideas and concepts for social media content
  • Fielding expressions of interest for meetings and engagements with the founder as required
  • Attending networking and promotional events


The Brand Development and Strategy Manager must know or possess:

  • Proficiency in computer applications, including Microsoft Word/Pages, Social Media formats, graphic design like Photoshop or equivalent and Word Press
  • Understanding of and experience in Marketing
  • Strong communication skills using visual, written and oral skills
  • Possessing interpersonal, problem-solving and strategic thinking skills
  • Demonstrate the ability to work pro-actively and effectively on your own or with a team
  • Creative self-starter, with a strong work ethic and commitment to excellence
  • Demonstrate excellent project and time management skills
  • Demonstrate high regard for quality, accuracy and attention to detail
  • Excellent judgment and discretion in handling confidential and or sensitive information
  • Function effectively in a work environment with multiple deadlines and concurrent activities

The Brand Development and Strategy Manager should demonstrate the following competencies

Essential Employability Skills
Oral Communication- to liaise with project team members and management teams and respond to their questions and concerns
Computer Use- to use digital technology to support the daily activities, including word processing, file management software, communications software (e.g. MS Outlook). WordPress and Photoshop or equivalent.
Job Task Planning and Organizing- to manage and prioritize daily tasks when faced with competing demands.
Organizational/Core Competencies
Time Management- Adaptability


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