NSCC Admissions and Recruitment Webinars

Since March, the NSCC Admissions and Recruitment team has adjusted to current events and continues to provide guidance and support to prospective students across the province and internationally as usual.


On Friday, May 8th, we have started offering Webinars to provide the information that we typically gave during our many presentations as we travel around the province.


Prospective students, and those who support them, can learn more about:


  • Programs
  • Tuition, fees and costs
  • Student awards and financial aid
  • University transfer agreements
  • Student services
  • Application and admissions process
  • Ask questions


Webinars are offered every Friday at 3 different times during the day (10am, 2pm and 7pm) from now until the end of August. The platform used is GoTo Webinar. Registration is easy and it's free.


To register for the Friday webinars, please visit: